Apper and SIM

Apper is a Sweden based software solution company carrying out the mission to acceralate digitalization of business partners communication. SIM is the platform we offer to elevate this mission. It is used by SKF as the preferred platform on global basis for procurement of direct material to its suppliers.

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Project scope – Trusted Link migration

Today you have an existing connection to SKF through Trusted Link. This in turn is communicated via SIM to SKF.

Tomorrow the connection to Trusted Link will be decommissioned. Instead, a new connection will be established directly to SIM. The same X12 mapping specification used today with Trusted Link will continue to work tomorrow with SIM.

Project activities

  1. As the supplier to SKF, you will be contacted by your main contact from Apper for this implementation. Please be prepared to provide your business contact person and a technical EDI contact person assigned for this implementation.
  2. Review specification of each message type. It is available for download below.
  3. We setup direct communication using SFTP for data transmission for both test and production.
  4. We perform full cycle testing, in test environment, of all 5 message types in scope.
  5. Go live upon confirmation from both ends (SKF and supplier)
  6. Hyper care of first full cycle exchanged in production
  7. Implementation closure

Project time plan

Before June 30th
– Verified SFTP communication with Apper for both test and production
– Reviewed SKF specification and have the mapping ready to initiate with testing

Before August 30th
– Completed Acceptance testing and confirmation to go live

Standard assortment

An approach where products are not built until a confirmed order for products is received. There are 5 different message types exchange between the two partners to secure the communication from procure to invoice.

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