A window to all your business partners

Effective management of the entire value chain. SIM enables our customers to free up time by digitizing, structuring and automating routine work linked to order deviations, delays and goods receipts.


Integration made easy

Simply put, EDI is the best way to exchange business documents quickly and securely anywhere in the world. If your business does not already use EDI, it is highly likely that your trading partners want to do so.

So what benefits can it offer to your business?

Our EDI integration solution SIM gives you reliability, visibility and the ability to integrate all your business transactions with multiple business systems to your customers and suppliers. After reviewing your existing business processes, related to your business partners’ transaction requirements, you can be ready for integration. We help you get started, develop guidelines and help with both training and activation of your customers and suppliers.

Contact us to set up business communication between you and your customers with our EDI solution SIM.

Large amounts of transactions?

The volume of EDI transactions that each of your trading partners handle can be an important criterion for defining your priorities.

A large number of outgoing purchase orders and corresponding incoming invoices that you need to manually enter in to your system can be cost effective for you to automate through integration, saving time and cost.

SIM as a modern EDI platform that fits your Supply Chain

  • One solution

    Once you have seen that standardisation and digitalisation of communication with your suppliers, customers and transporters is the right way to go, SIM offers you the best way forward.

  • Extended service

    SIM forms an extension of your existing business system, and can be connected effectively and at low cost to new stakeholders, either by means of traditional EDI or via a portal, also called Web EDI, which can also be used to complement existing flows, administer deviation reports and collect data from additional data sources.

    The web portal is currently available as standard in 14 languages, which means that you can roll out country by country and have everything ready from day one.

  • Automation

    By automating repetitive routines, such as chasing order confirmations, you can carry out the work in a smarter way. This means that you and your colleagues can spend less time chasing waterfalls and have more time for creating value, which increases your competitiveness. Offers can be received and compared on the move, goods are transported using correct labelling and invoices can be validated against pending purchase orders. SIM has several ready-made business flows, but can easily be tailored for additional processes, which makes it an extremely flexible system. If you already have an EDI supplier, we can offer a cost-effective alternative in which your existing mappings are transferred at no extra cost.

  • Get connected

    The platform is best used as a cloud service, saving time right from the start. We have ready-made interfaces with the most common business systems on the market and additional standards, which means that we can promise you a fixed price at start-up and a promised start date, with no surprises. We also help with roll-out, and we contact your suppliers and customers, and train them as effectively as possible, at the level of integration that suits them.

  • Complete visual overview

    Workflow-based processes provides a perfect overview and management of business data. Through SIM you can easily see how your customers and suppliers perform.

The platform runs as a cloud-based service, which saves you time from day one. We have ready-made interfaces to the most common business systems on the market and additional standards, which means that we can promise you a fixed price at start-up and a promised start date, without surprises.

We also help in rolling out, contacting and educating your suppliers and customers. We can then activate them as efficiently as possible and to the level of integration that suits them.


SIM has several ready-made business flows, but can easily be customized for further processes, which makes it a very flexible system.

If you already have an EDI provider today, we can offer a cost-effective alternative, where your existing mappings are transferred at no extra cost.

SIM is preconfigured with the most common message formats used. Both standardized or customer-defined.

Common message formats and communication protocol:

PEPPOL, EDIFACT, ANSI X12, Oagis and direct API:s towards business systems such as: Monitor, Movex/M3, IFS, IBS & SAP. SIM support all common communication protocols on the market such as OFTP 2, AS2, AS4 and SFTP.

Secure and scalable

Our SIM solution is secure and everything we do is scalable for the company’s growth and development needs. There are many advantages to doing business digitally. Through digitalization you can handle more orders in less time and with fewer errors. This makes it possible for companies to reduce costs and expand at the same time.

For customers, this means that their orders are processed, filled in and sent faster. Suppliers have many advantages in that they can increase the number of orders and reduce their leadtime drastically.

  • EDI Message Formats
    • PEPPOL, including former Svefaktura & EHF
    • EDIFACT (D96/D00/D03/D07)
    • EPICOR/iScala
    • Odette v3
    • ANSI x12
    • DC1, including former IBS/ASW XML, v3.0 and later
    • IFS
    • Infor XA XML
    • Infor M3/Movex XML
    • Oagis 8/9 XML
    • Visma Spcs
    • Fortnox
    • 24SevenOffice
    • Løsning1 inhouse format
    • Monitor inhouse format
    • Autoflow flatfile
    • SAP IDoc XML
    • Baan inhouse format
    • Customized XML/CSV/TXT/Flatfile
  • EDI Protocols
    • OFTP 1
    • OFTP 2
    • FTP
    • SFTP
    • AS 2
    • AS4
    • WebService
    • SMTP
    • IBM MQ

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