Industry competence

This is a matter of the companies’ conditions and real needs. The industry as a whole is in a state of constant change and development. Conditions change, competition becomes stiffer, new technology and new products set new demands and determine methods and processes to a large extent, thereby also generating new strategies.

Our industry experience and know-how, in combination with our range of products and services, mean that we can deliver along the whole value chain, from start to finish, with a focus on reducing lead times and creating business value. Our range is from specific projects to complete outsourcing of IT.

In parallel with the increasing demands both in the industry and on the market, we work with digital continuity. Modernisation of IT entails a digital transformation, with the purpose of meeting the demands and also being able to help to cut the costs of old technology debts.

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Banking and finance

With our long experience of managing customers with critical systems which must be accessible for their external customers but also internal flows, and where confidentiality and integrity is of the utmost importance, we have gained the confidence of a number of well-known banks and institutions.

Construction industry

Knowing when you will get what you ordered for the construction site, and at the right price, is important in enabling purchasers and planners to keep to all schedules and planned costs. For you as a supplier, it is important to know where the goods are to be sent to and when they should arrive at their destination, clearly marked with goods labels.

Distribution and retail trade

Booking of transportation and invoice control. Do you have a number of different hauliers, and a number of different sites to log in to for booking transportation? APPERs product SIM helps you by means of a single interface.

Automotive industry

With our solid experience of the automotive industry and all its flows, we provide simple, smart solutions for all your stakeholders, whether they are suppliers, hauliers or customers.

Orders, delivery confirmations, notices and transport bookings. You can easily see all this in our interface, and with the aid of our activation service you can connect more and more stakeholders, whichever country they are in.

Our solution supports the 8 D complaints procedure, which is used in the industry and by a number of our companies to strengthen the whole supply chain.

Food industry

For the food industry, we have VMI solutions, ESAP20 flows and other industry-specific requirements. We also manage the traditional representative order flows.

Manufacturing industry

For the manufacturing industry, we have VMI solutions, ESAP20 flows and other industry-specific requirements. We also manage the traditional representative order flows.

The aviation industry, for example, sets high requirements for accessibility with regard to deliveries to factories and maintenance facilities. Customers and suppliers may be in different parts of the world and different time zones. With our platform, we link customers and suppliers efficiently.