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Are you a buyer or supplier in the public or private markets? Here you will find the Nordic region’s most complete range of business systems aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

Our business system, Løsning1, is suitable for companies in the manufacturing, trading, and service sectors that require a comprehensive system for administration and control of the most important business processes from purchasing to sales with an automated process.

We provide you with easy access to reports and information that, in turn, has access to the latest data. Løsning1 has a number of ready-made standard reports that provide a good opportunity for follow-up in real time for accounting, budgeting, customers, suppliers and cash flow.

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Løsning1 is a business system for our IBM i customers.
Stable, secure and scalable, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Løsning1 has everything you need in one system:

  1. All functionality and data in one place.
  2. A business system that supports continual development and improvements.
  3. Future-proof platform.
  4. A solution that can be scaled as required.
  • Finance and accounting

    Easy bookkeeping and accounting for small to medium-sized companies. One system for all transactions.

  • Purchasing and Sales

    Support for commerce and different payment solutions. Complete management of purchases, orders, invoices and stock management.

  • Manufacturing and Logistics

    Integration of different process flows such as delivery management and shipping.

  • Product and Service

    Integration with POS and order management systems. Link e-commerce with physical stores.