SIM – A window to all your business partners

Once you have recognised that standardisation and digitalisation of communication with your suppliers, customers and hauliers is the right way to go, SIM offers you the best way forward. SIM forms an extension of your existing business system, and can be connected effectively and at low cost to new stakeholders, either by means of traditional EDI or via a portal which can also be used to complement existing flows, administer deviation reports and process information.

Cost-effective and flexible

By automating repetitive routines, such as chasing order confirmations, you can carry out the work in a smarter way. This means that you and your colleagues can spend less time putting out fires and have more time for creating value, which increases your competitiveness. Offers can be received and compared on the move, goods are transported using correct labelling and invoices can be validated against pending purchase orders. SIM has several ready-made business flows, but can easily be tailored for additional processes, which makes it an extremely flexible system. If you already have an EDI supplier, we can offer a cost-effective alternative in which your existing mappings are transferred at no extra cost.

Get started today!

The platform is best used as a cloud service, saving time right from the start. We have ready-made interfaces with the most common business systems on the market and additional standards, which means that we can promise you a fixed price at start-up and a promised start date, with no surprises. We also help with roll-out, and we contact your suppliers and customers, and train them so as to activate them as effectively as possible, at the level of integration that suits them.

Daniel Hognert

Daniel Hognert

Product Director

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