Simplifying everyday life for the bakery industry

BakeIT is an intelligent system for bakeries that ensures weekly scheduling for both stores and production sites. This places many demands on the supply chain. With our ASSET POS system, we connect bakeries with stores and unify the whole chain.

Efficient order management

Order management is the basic feature in BakeIT. You can easily create orders and manage the weekly scheduling of purchases from the bakery.

  • Orders

    Create an order from store to bakery based on current customer order needs. BakeIT enables you to improve your forecasts by sharing information and creating fixed weekly schedules and orders. It is also easy to set up partial deliveries, place additional orders and adjust orders according to needs and season. BakeIT manages price lists, contract prices and discounts, and price adjustments can be made in advance.

  • Production

    BakeIT streamlines the ordering, production and delivery processes between the entity placing the order and the bakery, known as Made to Order. Save time and automate the process by having all information in the same system. Raw material and recipe cost estimations. The system manages various production and packaging lists and labels.

  • Logistics

    BakeIT gives you full control and multiple ways to manage deliveries. This includes bakery to store delivery, setting up a delivery register, delivery scheduling, and handling partial deliveries, complaints, returns and surpluses from the store, as well as returns statistics and stock management of purchased products, for example.

  • Statistics

    BakeIT contains statistics and order history for each customer and item. This gives you an overview of previous orders, and you can easily analyse your sales. In BakeIT, you can easily extract invoice documentation and view previously sent invoices. The system also handles one-off customers.

For bakeries with their own shops and who use the BakeIT ordering system, you get smooth integration and simple bookkeeping.

You can easily manage your bookkeeping in our Løsning1 business system, or in other bookkeeping software such as Visma.

Fresh bread every day to our customers’ stores. BakeIT simplifies production scheduling in the bakery and order management from the stores. Scheduled and on-demand deliveries to the store reduce both excess production and store surplus.

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